Additional Equipment

We offer the same high-quality manufacturing and responsive service for our additional equipment as we do for our cranes.

Telescoping (External Climbing)

Telescoping equipment is used to keep the initial erection at a safe low height and then telescope it to the desired operational height. This technique involves inserting extra mast sections with the help of a telescoping cage and is used when an extreme or increasing height-under-hook is needed. The equipment can be removed after use and is interchangeable between cranes erected on the same mast type. Wall-tie frames are used when the crane exceeds the limited free-standing height.

Floor Climbing (Internal Climbing) 

Climbing equipment is used when cranes climb within the building, e.g. in a lift shaft. For this type of operation, a special bottom section is required for the mast.

Climbing and telescoping are carried out hydraulically using fall-safe equipment.


Base equipment can complement cranes to suit a range of varying site conditions. These cover expandable (cast-in) bases or base stools, tie-bolted down or freestanding bottom cross units, or rail-going travel bases with or without portals.

Rail bases can be straight, 90-degrees, curved or, when required, a combination of these.

Krøll Cranes: For over half a century we have been designing and manufacturing quality tower cranes ranging from 70 to 25,000tm. No matter what size you need you are ensured the highest manufacturing and technology standards, a make-to-order solution and responsive, knowledgeable service.

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