Whatever you need to get the job done profitably

Custom made cranes


 From 70tm to 25,000tm - whatever the height, whatever the job, we'll make sure you can get it done profitably.


As a world-leading company within heavy-duty tower cranes you can always count on the highest manufacturing standards, expert advice and quality service for your products.


Whether it's hands-on support or just the precise conrane for a profitable job, our services are provided with the upmost integrity. You can expect:


  • A make-to-order solution from a service organization with a strong engineering backbone and employees who are experts in cranes and understand your industry.
  • Close support from people near you who are familiar with local requirements and backed by world-leading experts in heavy-duty tower cranes.
  • Quality products with original manufacturer components of the highest standards.
  • Special three-part treatment of all surfaces for corrosion-free durability.
  • Precision control from PLC-based (Programmable Logical Controller) control systems.
  • Excellent safety mechanisms for your operators and a good operator overview with immediate communication of information and error messages via the cabin touch-screen colour monitor.


Wind Turbine Erection

Small footprint. High freestanding capabilities. High capacities. Full load at high wind speeds.

Learn more about our range of cranes for the erection of wind turbines.



Due to their durability, Krøll cranes are perfect for shipyards. Quality components, a unique surface treatment that eliminates corrosion and precision operator controls all serve to create a quality solution with minimum maintenance.


Learn more about low-maintenance, high-quality cranes




With our extensive range of heavy cranes from 1000tm to 25,000tm we offer the most profitable solution for any large power plant construction work. 


Find out how we help you deliver on time




The strong high-quality steel of a Krøll crane withstands strong winds and makes the crane cost-effective as well as highly suitable for the construction of bridges.


Learn more about cost-effective solutions for bridges 




For construction jobs over 1400tm where the design calls for a specialized solution, nothing exceeds a heavy duty Krøll crane in terms of reliability and quality.


Find out how we provide specialized solutions, no matter the conditions your construction site involves

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Krøll Cranes: For over half a century we have been designing and manufacturing quality tower cranes ranging from 70 to 25,000tm. No matter what size you need you are ensured the highest manufacturing and technology standards, a make-to-order solution and responsive, knowledgeable service.

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Krøll Cranes is a member of Muhibbah Enginering Group
KRØLL CRANES A/S - Nordkranvej 2 - DK-3540 Lynge - Tel: +45 48187400 - Fax: +45 48188807 - Email: info@krollcranes.dk

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