Flat Top Cranes


For a fast and reliable crane with the technology to position even the heaviest load at the site with pinpoint precision, see our range of Krøll flat top cranes. This range is ideal for sites with height restrictions as well as in situations when available mobile cranes restrict the weight of the individual crane components, as the flat top crane's jib can be erected and dismantled piece by piece!

Krøll offers an extensive range of flat top cranes spanning 130 to 630tm which ensures that we can meet any lifting requirements.

Years of experience in a worldwide market ensures that all concerns are addressed in every design. For instance, wherever possible all cranes and components are designed to be packed into standard shipping containers, minimizing shipping costs. Likewise, speed and ease of erection are always taken into account. 


All of our flat top cranes are built to the highest quality offering our full array of features.

Flat Top Cranes


ModelTypeMax. ReachTip LoadMax. LoadMax. free HUHMast typeView spec. sheet
K130FFlat Top 60 m1.25 t6 tM16PDF »
K130FFlat Top 60 m1.25 t8 tM16PDF »
K230FFlat Top 60 m2.3 t10 tM22PDF »
K330FFlat Top 75 m3.2 t18 t69 mM22PDF »
K430FFlat Top 75 m3.6 t24 t82 mM28PDF »
K630FFlat Top 80 m5.0 t24 t80 mM28PDF »
ModelTypeMax. ReachTip LoadMax. LoadMax. free HUHMast typeView spec. sheet
K130FFlat Top 197 ft2,755 lbs13,227 lbsM16PDF »
K130FFlat Top 197 ft2,755 lbs17,636 lbsM16PDF »
K230FFlat Top 197 ft5,071 lbs22,046 lbs220 ftM22PDF »
K330FFlat Top 246 ft7,055 lbs39,683 lbs226 ftM22PDF »
K430FFlat Top 246 ft7,937 lbs52,910 lbs269 ftM28PDF »
K630FFlat Top 262 ft11,023 lbs52,911 lbs262 ftM28PDF »

Krøll Cranes: For over half a century we have been designing and manufacturing quality tower cranes ranging from 70 to 25,000tm. No matter what size you need you are ensured the highest manufacturing and technology standards, a make-to-order solution and responsive, knowledgeable service.

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Krøll Cranes is a member of Muhibbah Enginering Group
KRØLL CRANES A/S - Nordkranvej 2 - DK-3540 Lynge - Tel: +45 48187400 - Fax: +45 48188807 - Email: info@krollcranes.dk

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